Pimp my Mac ‘n Cheese (Box Dinners Done Right part II)

Now that you know how to make box noodles, here’s how to make them into what has been called (I am not kidding), “The high point of the evening” and “The best f-n dinner I ever had”.

It’s really not that hard.

Step 1: Start with the good stuff. Anything ending in “White Cheddar” is a good bet. Annie’s rocks.

Step 2: Add more good stuff. Options include:

Bratwurst. Always a crowd-pleaser. Cook ’em on their own, slice ’em up, and mix ’em in. Best cooked over a campfire.

Broccoli. You can cook it beforehand or just let it sit in the noodle hotness for a couple of minutes.

Parmesan. Can never have too much parmesan.

Other cheese. How can you go wrong? Guyere, Gorgonzola, any G cheese really. Even goat cheese if you’re into goats.

Kale or Spinach. It’s amazing how large a pile can be hidden in a pot of otherwise tasty food. Add twice as much as you think you should and you’ll still hardly notice it.

Tomatoes. I cut them up and squish out the seeds but you do it however you like.

Green/red/orange peppers. Yum! And amazing vitamin C!

But really, anything you’ve got. I usually open the cheese drawer and the veggie drawer and just put some in there. You can add roughly 2x the veggies as you have noodles and have an incredibly healthy yet indulgent feast!


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