Upcoming Fun Small(er) Concerts

The big ones are too crowded for me. I’m excited by some of these that are more rural, obscure, and generally chill… Mostly using this as a place to keep track for myself and friends. Comments and suggestions please! I’ll be updating as I find ideas.

Kicking off the year – Jan 29/30: Timber Music Fest in Leavenworth. http://www.timbermusicfest.com/winter/artists/index.html

July 16-17, 2016: Darrington Bluegrass. http://www.darringtonbluegrass.com/

TBD – August: Doe Bay Fest: http://doebayfest.com/

TBD – Pemberton! http://pembertonmusicfestival.com/

TBD – Joshua Tree Music Festival: http://www.joshuatreemusicfestival.com/