Travel Plans

Writing this partly just to keep it straight myself, but more to share with others. If I/we are nearby lets meet up! If in the general area then maybe we could alter plans a bit to make it work.

May 10: Portland for Mother’s day

See mom for a long weekend and help around the house 🙂

Maybe stay a bit more.

May 13-15: Road trip to Santa Cruz

May 16-21: Santa Cruz

May 22-29: Drive to L.A. for “Digital Hollywood

Work from there.

Memorial-day weekend in Santa Barbara or SLO.

May 29 – June 22: Santa Cruz

May 31 – June 2: Present at Augmented World Expo – Santa Clara

June 23 – July 1: Yosemite hike!

Actual hike is June 25-28:

  • June 24: Pick up permit, camp at Tuolumne Meadows
  • June 25: Hike to May lake, drop packs, climb Mt. Hoffman, camp back at lake.
  • June 26: Hike to Glen Aulin
  • June 27: Down and back to Waterwheel falls – no packs.
  • June 28: Up the Tuolumne river to the meadows and out – leave or camp at Tuolumne
  • Tahoe? Santa Cruz after?

July 1 – July 13: Seattle – fix up house

July 13-16: Beachbody Summit in New Orleans

Jen is killing it!

July 16-24: Texas

USAA in Plano first

Then Austin

Around July 24 to August 16: Back to Seattle

More house fix up?

Canada road trip Salt Spring music festival and visit Celia? Mark and Tracey?

Ray Wyle Hubbard – Bainbridge Aug 4 and 5, Salt Spring August 7

See friends and family! Hike!

Beach house rental?

August 16-20: Wesselpalooza!

August 20: To Burns

Solar Eclipse the morning of August 21

Stay with Theresa and (maybe) Rob!

August 22-24: Drive on south back to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz the end of August to beginning of September

September: Europe

Work: Belgrade, customers and partners, Hoofdorp, Cisco Ireland

Nathan and Rachel before or after for a week!




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