Remarkable Proportions: What is the opposite of “Faith”?

It is incredible how much the world is perfectly suited to the human form, or humans are suited to the world, depending on your preference. The vast majority is perfect for living and playing, and the extremes are perfect for challenging the limits of the species. It is also a remarkable time, with many of these accomplishments being realized only in our lifetime.

  • Humans can climb the highest mountains on the planet, but just barely, and only a very few without supplemental oxygen. Many could climb most mountains, and almost all feel the exhilaration of reaching the top of even a small one.
  • Humans can surf the biggest waves in the world, but just barely and only a few can do it. Young groms can tear up regular waves, and babies frolic in the surf break.

  • Humans can row and sail alone across the oceans, but just barely and only a few. Children can have fun rowing across a lake.

  • Humans can climb the boldest, bleakest, most difficult rock faces on the planet, but only a few, and some even without rope or protection. Children will scamper up a little rock with similar joy.

  • Humans can walk across the polar icecaps alone, but only a very crazy few and only quite recently. Children run excitedly to play in the snow.

  • Humans can explore the deepest caves yet found on the planet, but only a few that are beyond crazy!

  • Humans can traverse the hottest deserts, the deepest jungles and forests, and the rockiest terrain.

  • Humans have lived in the hottest, coldest, and wettest parts of the planet without modern technology.

We are not suited to the sky. We can’t fly any higher than we could a thousand years ago, though we have gotten pretty good at jumping off things and gliding.

We are also not suited to anything below the surface of the ocean. Free-divers are amazing but there is little hope of going to the deepest depths as a human.

Perhaps we should mind our business in those two and take care of them…

A statistical analysis would indicate that these are not random coincidences. The data indicates something more going on.

Evolution seems unlikely as most of these activities are not correlated with bearing more offspring, with the possible exception of being a badass when you return home.

The word “faith” means two things: “belief”, and, “without evidence”. The alleged opposites of faith are actually not: skepticism, doubt, fear, indecision, uncertainty etc… These are only half-opposites: not believing without evidence. What is the word for “evidence without belief”?

Science is based on evidence. Half is being skeptical without evidence. The other half is deep belief in something unknown when presented with evidence.

Take the discovery of penicillin: observing that flecks of mold killed the surrounding bacteria culture. He didn’t know why, but he believed strongly in something meaningful going on based on the observed evidence. “Curiosity” is used but that is more of a whimsical, playful interest. It is a tragedy that one of the most powerful concepts of humanity lacks a word.

We need a word for deep belief in something unknown yet also incredible based on evidence. That’s my belief!

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