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  • Reflections on the Broken Leg Experience

    Reflections on the Broken Leg Experience

    I’m now PWB (partial weight bearing)! That means that I can kind-of stand on it, and will likely be walking in a week or two, and hiking in six. Jen and I are headed to San Francisco tomorrow for a bit of fun and then a week in the office. Before returning to normal life… Continue reading

  • Words I trust

    Firewood Chickens Socks Screwdriver Tree Ocean Granite Peanut Butter Continue reading

  • Cutting Stuff Up

    Cutting Stuff Up

    I don’t think I’m that unique in being rather bad at delegating. I was proud of myself for finally asking Jen (I couldn’t do it) to call a plumber (when I was in Santa Cruz) to fix the clog in the sink (and not tell me). I had tried for several weeks with different approaches.… Continue reading

  • Apple Uncare

    It’s interesting to watch great companies slip. As an Apple II and Mac developer I watched Apple implode the first time. It’s happening again. MacBook power supplies are notoriously unreliable. I’ve had four go bad. Bad in general, worse when they’re $80. The saving grace was their customer service. Several years ago I walked in… Continue reading

  • Services Causing Overstatement of GDP Growth

    I know enough economics to get into things, but generally am far from complete understanding. So I’m writing this about something I’ve been thinking about and hope for comments from people more knowledgeable. In my Googling around I can’t find this brought up anywhere, so I’m assuming I’m wrong. That or it’s really interesting. Say… Continue reading

  • The Myth of Happiness

    What is happiness? Most emotions seem easier to identify: angry, anxious, grumpy, frightened, surprised, bored… For being widely considered to be the big one, the meaning of life and all that, it seems elusively vague. How to be happier is certainly not a unique topic. There is actually a book with the exact same title… Continue reading

  • It’s Complicated…

    Everyone loves the certainty of a simple answer – you can see them on the front of most magazines. The winning investment strategy. What makes Apple great. How to fix the economy, lose weight, find happiness… All in a few pages of magazine article. Politics is even worse – “fix the deficit”, “balance the budget”,… Continue reading

  • What to do today?

    There is a lot of power in the questions we ask ourselves. Are we asking the right questions? I’ve been noticing a lot of bad ones: “What do I want to do today?” I want to do all kinds of things. Some indulgent, some productive, some charitable. Looking for some inner answer to spring forth… Continue reading

  • Exhausted thoughts from Startup Weekend for Education

    18 hour days, 4 hours of sleep. No coherent posts but some thoughts while it’s close. I have a strong tendency to be drawn towards complicated problems. If it’s simple I don’t feel like it has merit. So I think of things that are unique and make them more unique by adding details that add… Continue reading

  • What to do?

    That simple question proves increasingly difficult with too little time and many competing priorities. I find it challenging to weigh choices based on their merit. How can you mentally equate things like an hour spent on a bike ride, getting caught up on work email, or relaxing with a new book? I keep big lists… Continue reading

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